Day 4: Retrospective (Tone Agnostic)

My first private lesson of Trumpet boot camp!

I have had two previous lessons with Dr. Jonathan Martin in 2016 and 2017. Bootcamp will include weekly lessons. Dr. Martin (bio) has degrees from L.S.U., U.T.S.A., and the University of Iowa. He also spent four years with the United States Air Force “Band of the West.”

I brought along several of the standard method books as well several by Claude Gordon and Herbert L. Clarke. My problems are root problems and all of my assignments strike at the root. So no books needed at this time.

We quickly figured out I have no idea how to match a pitch or even tell if I was sharp or flat. Some would say this means I’m tone deaf. Later that evening I sat  at the keyboard for thirty minutes and began training my ear. So I consider my starting state to be “tone agnostic.” It was horrible and embarrassing, but there was nothing I could do during the lesson. An additional problem was holding my head and the horn at a high angle. But I have a growth mindset and feel that the tasks given to me are difficult but achievable.

As an aside: I’d like to address the possible abnormality found during my mammogram. It was this day, 5/18. that I decided if it was cancer and if the news is bad, that I would continue with my trumpet boot camp. If this was last thing I could do, I would spend my time playing the trumpet.

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