Day 3: Retrospective

From May 25: I received news from my doctor that a possible abnormality was found during my mammogram. I’ve since gone in for more pictures and an ultrasound. A biopsy has been scheduled June 4.

So I will add the intervening days with the title “Retrospective.”

Returning to Day 2, May 17. The three-card spread is to see the Past, Present, and Future. The Crystal Tarot deck is the source. The reading for Day 2’s tarot cards is:

  • King of Wands. This card “represents the past, and influences from the past that are affecting the current issue.”
    • I have been working on my comeback since January 2018 (playing since August 2016). “Don’t delay action once you have chosen your path.”
  • The Magician “expresses the energies around the present moment and the question in hand.”
    • “This is a time if magic and creativity in your life…You are ready to realize your full potential.” I’m taking a great leap. Stay focused and remain positive. Put in the work.
  • Queen of Pentacles “signifies the future outcome if you don’t change anything.”
    • She is the Queen of planning and executing. Remember balance – between loved ones and the work.

It looks like a lot of positive things are in store.

Thank you Cousin A for your helpful input.

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