Day 14: Pull it apart and work note by note

I recorded a portion of my playing today. My intention was to listen to my tone quality as I pulled a scale apart to focus on a cluster of notes (F Major in 3rds). I was surprised to notice my tonguing was sloppy. It was so easily heard, but I didn’t know I was doing it. To be aware of our limitations, we must be brutally honest with ourselves. Recordings can be a powerful tool.

While I was listening back to the recording I remembered a great article on about two different listening modes and the importance of recording yourself. The two modes are conceiving mode, when you are creating, and evaluating mode. Creating music is a complex task and we need to concentrate fully when performing. Play and record yourself. Stop and listen to yourself.  Each action gets full attention at a specific point in time.

I’ve been putting it off because I didn’t want to get bogged down with some app that was tedious to use. But I found a simple-to-use app called “HI-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (free)” on Google Play. I simply hit the record button and then the stop button. The app automatically names the file with the day’s time and date. When I start recording I introduce what I’m going to play and then I just get on with it.

I made a note of the recordings in my Comeback Journal and will revisit the recordings in a few weeks time for a “then & now” comparison.

One thought on “Day 14: Pull it apart and work note by note

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