Day 12: Saturday! Playing throughout the day

(Since I fell behind on my days, I’ve decided to jump to the current day.)

I practice in 20 minute sessions (recommended by Dr. Martin). Here’s the structure of a typical day:

  • first session is all warm-up. nothing extreme, just solid basics.
  • all other sessions contain a variety of tasks that I must cover.

In my Comeback Manual, I write out what I will cover in the session, then write in the times I spend on each item. Each session has a goal. I use the stop watch on my phone as a way to stay focused on the details. I’ll write down how my lips are feeling, if a particular exercise gave me trouble, and even the amount of time I rested between sessions. In between playing sessions I worked on my chromatic fingerings and ear training.

I hit F on the staff. If you’re a trumpet player you may be rolling your eyes. It’s ok. Range has always been a weak link for me. Actually, most things are weak links. I didn’t have solid direction when I began playing at 10 years old and I merely repeated the bad habits as I grew older. Humility. It’s good for the soul.


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