A New Start

My journey towards becoming a music major ended in failure. I gave up too early. I worked 5+ months and was not seeing any improvement in my trumpet skills. The trumpet is a demanding instrument. While I am sad to see the goal recede on the horizon, I am glad that there is space for something new. The guitar. Playing the guitar has been a goal for a long time. I’ve decided to actually do it and I am using HabitHub to develop a daily habit of practicing for 30 minutes.

I have learned that goals must be tiny! When the goal is so small that it is easier to do than to skip you’ve reached goal-planning nirvana.

I’ve also created daily habits to write for 20 minutes, program in Java for 30 minutes, and write a 150-word blog post. All the goals are tiny and I am able to immediately jump into any of them.

I’d like to mention a fascinating concept I was introduced to on Medium. It is 1%∞. That is 1 percent times infinity. A terrific blog post explains the concept.